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CEO Message

Thank all the customers and shareholders for visiting the website of Kyung Chang Industrial

Taking leadership in the era of changes, Kyung Chang Industrial will achieve the goal of one-hundred years of business through sustainability management.

In 1961, Kyung Chang Industrial began to run its business as a bicycle and automobile parts marker in Daegu. At present, we have been become a leading manufacturer of automotive drivetrain and chassis parts which has as many as 1,000 employees in our group of two companies, Kyung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd., Kyung Chang Precision Co., Ltd., through thorough quality management, products development and substantial management.
To achieve the objective ‘the world’s best enterprise in the 21st century’, all of our executives and employees will do the best for customer satisfaction
Son Il-ho, CEO & Chairman
Son Il-ho

Principles of Management

  • Creation

    A premium enterprise taking leadership for changes

    With 60 years of experience and know-how, Kyung Chang Industrial will still lead the industry of future vehicles. For electric and electronic parts with high efficiency and high quality, we will make ceaseless efforts and changes.

  • Perfection

    Flawless products

    For 100% customer satisfaction, Kyung Chang Industrial will do the best to reach Zero-Quality-Problem. For zero-defects of all processes, we will fulfill constant innovation and changes.

  • Evolution

    Improvement and improvement again

    For improvements, Kyung Chang Industrial will make improvements and innovation ceaselessly just as over the last sixty years.

  • Satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction

    Kyung Chang Industrial will give satisfaction and trust to partners, local communities, and stakeholders as well as customers, shareholders, and employees.