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Kyung Chang Industrial will listen to each one of your opinions.

Kyung Chang Industrial operates
e-Report for establishing the organizational culture of fairness and fulfilling ethical

All of your opinions are kept in secret.
A respond to a report is offered as fast as possible.

Matters to report

  • Any act of requesting any interested parties to offer rewards, money or valuables
  • Difficulties, bullying and sexual harrassments in workplace
  • Any act of illegal or unfair management of corporate assets
  • Any act of damaging the company’s public credibility, dignity, or prestige
  • Lack of transparency in selecting a partner
  • Any act of violating Integrity
  • Suggestions for improving work processes

Report procedures

  • Report

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  • Accept

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  • Check its truth/Review/
    Take measures

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  • Complete/Inform


  • E-Mail : hr@kc.co.kr
  • Report by mail: Personnel Support Team, 6 Seongseo-ro 35-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
  • Tel: +82 53 721 1111