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Ethical Management

Basic Ethics of Executives and Employees

All executives and employees establish their right values as Kyung Chang people by following the philosophy of Integrity and complete their missions by achieving self-improvement and doing jobs fairly.

1. Basic ethics of executives and employees

  • All executives and employees shall follow Integrity as Kyung Chang people and shall not do any acts of damaging individuals’ dignity and the company’s honor.
  • All executives and employees shall observe any nationally established laws in any circumstance and always shall bear in mind the concept of thrift and prudence without vanity and greed.

2. Mission completion

  • Executives and employees shall sympathize with the objectives and value that the company pursue, and shall fulfill their responsibilities with creativity and sincerity.

3. Self-improvement

  • Executives and employees shall undergo self-improvement constantly to reach the right people desirable in the era of globalization.

4. Fair job execution

  • Executives and employees shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and shall fairly do their jobs.
  • Executives and employees shall avoid any acts causing conflict of interest with the company when doing jobs, and shall put the company’s profit in priority if conflict of interest occurs.
  • Executives and employees shall not receive any money and valuables that impede fairness related to jobs.
  • Executives and employees shall differentiate public and private matters when doing jobs, and shall not do any act of damaging the company by making advantage of corporate assets privately.

5. Mutual relationship of executives and employees

  • Executives and employees shall treat each other with courtesy, and shall neither show irreverence nor slander others.

Customer Ethics

Kyung Chang Industrial always respect customers’ opinions and receives customers’ trust by perceiving that customers are the cause and objective of the company’s existence.

1. Customer respect

  • Kyung Chang Industrial always respects customers, stands in customers’ shoes, and place customers in top priority by perceiving that customers are the cause and objective of the company’s existence.

2. Customer satisfaction

  • Kyung Chang Industrial always does the best to live up to customers’ needs and expectations and to provide the best service.
  • Kyung Chang Industrial carefully listens to customers’ opinions and suggestions and immediately and fairly respond to customers’ complaints.

3. Protection of customer profit

  • Kyung Chang Industrial protects customers’ information more preciously than corporate assets, and does not take any unethical act to infringe upon customer profit.
  • Kyung Chang Industrial accurately and immediately provides information of which customers should be aware.

Purchase Ethics

Kyung Chang Industrial establishes mutual trust and cooperation and pursues communal development through transparent and fair business in order to make all transactions even.

1. Observance of transaction regulations

  • In all business transactions, Kyung Chang Industrial complies with national and regional laws and respects domestic and foreign commercial customs.

2. Pursuit of free competition

  • Kyung Chang Industrial respects market economic systems in accordance with the rules of free competition and pursues competition in good faith and with mutual respect.

3. Fair trading

  • Kyung Chang Industrial gives equal opportunities to all individuals and groups qualified in all of our tenders and contracts.
  • Kyung Chang Industrial makes all transactions fair and transparent on an equal footing.
  • Kyung Chang Industrial neither takes advantage of its superior status in transactions nor makes unreasonable demands, including unfair transactions and intervention in management.
  • Kyung Chang Industrial agrees on integrity in all business transactions and complies with integrity agreement.

Ethics for executives and employees

Kyung Chang Industrial respects all executives and employees as humans and their privacy, and treats them fairly according to their competency and achievements.

1. Fair treatment

  • Our company gives executives and employees equal opportunities of education and promotion according to their individual abilities and skills, and applies fair evaluation and reward system to their achievements.

2. Development of human resources and promotion of creativity

  • Kyung Chang Industrial actively supports the competency development of executives and employees, and raises professional and creative human resources.
  • Kyung Chang Industrial establishes the environment for promoting the creative and autonomous thinking and behaviors of executives and employees.

3. Improvement in the quality of life

  • Kyung Chang Industrial establishes the system in which executives and employees fulfill their jobs by fair means.
  • Kyung Chang Industrial establishes the pleasant and safe work environment for executives and employees, and actively develops the programs for improving the quality of their lives, including a welfare program.

Ethics for the nation and society

Kyung Chang Industrial contributes to local economy development through reasonable and responsible management and fulfills its responsibility as a member of local community.

1. Development of local community

  • Kyung Chang Industrial makes its effort for the cultural and economic development of local community.

2. Safety, risk prevention, and environmental protection

  • Kyung Chang Industrial does the best to prevent and control disasters and risks by following safety regulations and guidelines.
  • Kyung Chang Industrial does the best to protect the environment and prevent pollution by understanding fully and following domestic and foreign regulations of the environment.

3. Harmony of labor and management

  • Kyung Chang Industrial does the best for the coexistence and prosperity of labor and management through trust and harmony.

4. Social contribution

  • Kyung Chang Industrial actively recommends social contribution activities to all executives and employees and fully supports such activities.

Based on the value of 'Righteousness Management' accumulated over the past 60 years,
KCI will strive to build 100-year history in the future through responsible management and fair corporate activities.

CEO & Chairman Son, Il-ho