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Electric Systems

Looking back to our footprint, Kyung Chang Industrial has always shown advanced technologies in diverse area.
Based on our experience and know-how, we will create a new history of automotive parts.

xEV Motor (Electric Vehicle Motor)

Functional definition

Installed in an eco-friendly vehicle, this part converts electric energy into mechanical energy to generate drive force. By connecting a reducer (transmission) to a motor shaft, it is possible to deliver an appropriate level of torque to wheels and drive a vehicle.

Technology requirements

1. High occupying ratio of coil for improving motor efficiency

2. Enhanced cooling systems for improving cooling efficiency

  • Design of electromagnetic field
  • Design of structure
  • Analysis of heat flow
  • Analysis of structural strength


Functional definition

As a component constituting the electromagnetic circuit of the motor, when power is applied to the stator, electromagnetic force is generated to rotate the rotor.

Technology Requirements

1. Hairpin Forming Technology

2. High Quality Precision Laser Welding Technology


Hollow Shaft for Power Transfer

Functional definition

This mechanical part converts torque generated from an engine or a motor into power for propulsion of vehicle.

Technology requirements

1. Lightweight: Improved lightweight & NVH performance of a conventional solid shaft by Flow Forming.

2. Performance improvement

  • Good rotation balance (forming with equal thickness variation)
  • Excellent NVH performance and lightweight effect
  • Excellent Shaft cooling effect and competitive material cost