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Kyung Chang Industrial has shown leading technologies in diverse areas since long ago.
With its accumulated experience and know-how, our company will make a new history of automotive parts.

Wet-laid Fiber (WLF) Reinforced Plastic Gear

Functional definition

FRP replaces the entire steel-shaped gears in order to improve a lightweight and reduce vibration.

Technology Requirements

1. Material mixing and manufacturing technology with thermosetting Wet-laid FRP using aramid fiber for transmission parts.

2. Precise hot forming system technology for Wet-laid FRP material

  • Mixing process
  • Wet-laid process
  • WLF sheet
  • Layered compression forming

Plate Press-fitting Brake Disk

Functional definition

Lightweight two-piece type of brake disk puts a brake by compressing a brake pad.

Technology Requirements

1. Lightweight: Reduce more weight by combination between steel plate hat and gray cast iron disk comparing to exist one piece disk

2. Performance improvement

  • Improve Ride & Handling feature of a vehicle through reduction of unsprung mass.
  • Reduction in one-sided wear of brake pad by improvement in coning performance.