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Kyung Chang Industrial has shown leading technologies in diverse areas since long ago.
With its accumulated experience and know-how, our company will make a new history of automotive parts.

Electronic Shifter

This device is used for a driver to shift a gear. A driver’s gearshift intention is delivered as a digital signal to a vehicle’s SbW( Shift by Wire) system that changes a speed.
It has technologies which enable to detect driver’s intention of shifting gears, judge it’s correctness, transmit an electronic signal to SbW systems and perform self-diagnosis for securing a driver’s safety.
  • System Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Software Design
  • Validation & Verification

Accelerator Pedal Module

Functional definition

This device delivers a driver’s operating intention to TPS via APS, controlling a vehicle’s acceleration or deceleration.

Technology requirements

1. Sensitivity quality: Operating-sensitivity quality for a driver’s convenience

2. Electrical output: Generation of electric output signals for controlling a vehicle’s acceleration or deceleration

Electronic Clutch Pedal

Functional definition

When a driver pressed down a clutch pedal for gearshift, the electronic clutch system (CBW, Clutch By Wire) of a vehicle with manual transmission delivers the pedal’s stroke to TPS via CPS and controls clutch connection.

Technology Requirements

1. Sensitivity quality: Realization of operating-sensitivity quality of a conventional hydraulic type

2. Electrical output: Delivery of a pedal’s stroke as an electrical output signal


Functional definition

A device that shifts the DCT transmission by receiving shift information from the shifter from the TCU.

Technology requirements

  • Control technology that detects the driver's will to shift and shifts the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) mission to each stage by judging by the TCU based on the received stage information and transmitting a signal to the gear actuator